Find out if you've been compromised - book a 20 minute slot to receive your free vulnerability assessment report.

Free Vulnerability Assessment





Cyber attacks are on the rise. Did you know that:

81 per cent statv3
175 per cent stat
96 per cent stat

Ask yourself:

Is your business actively checking if your data has been compromised?

Is your knowledge up to date on the latest strategies and exploits being used by cyber criminals?

Does your organisation know where its weak points lie and is action being taken to fix things?

Many businesses recognise the importance of robust cyber security. However, many also struggle with identifying key weaknesses in their IT security strategy - until it's too late.

So we want to help you take action - at no cost to your business.


Free  Vulnerability Assessment

Having worked with organisations across the UK for over 16 years, we've seen firsthand the existential impact cyber crime can have on businesses. So for a limited time, we want to help as many companies as we can to keep on top of their IT security, by providing you with a free Vulnerability Assessment that helps you to protect your data.

We're sick of seeing headline after headline about data compromises and businesses being forced out of business by ransomware attacks. So if you want to keep your company out of the news, let us help you by checking if your security strategy is fully up to scratch.

You join us for 20 minutes. We use our expertise in cyber security and non-invasive tools to check your environment for vulnerabilities. We send you an easy to digest report that allows you to take action.

It really is that simple.


Your free Vulnerability Assessment also includes our popular Dark Web compromise Report.

With 24/7/365 monitoring, our threat surveillance tools scour millions of sources for signs that your credentials have been exposed and compromised on the Dark Web.

Our explainer video provides more information on how we help keep our customers secure.

If you're not 100% confident in your organisation's security strategy, your credentials could well already be exposed, putting your operations at significant risk of sabotage.


What is the 20 minute slot for?

We join you on a video call (or face to face if you'd prefer) where we explain our service and briefly show you how it works. No fluffy sales pitch, no catch.

What does the assessment cover?

Our assessment report will include a Dark Web Report (highlighting if any of your credentials are currently for sale on the Dark Web) as well as a remote scan of your domain. This will show if you have any open ports, as well as your Microsoft Secure Score.

Do I have to pay anything at any time during this process?

Absolutely not; this is an entirely free service we offer to businesses. If you would like to continue a conversation about us working together, that's entirely up to you.

Will this assessment impact my IT?

No, not in the slightest. Our assessment doesn't leave any 'fingerprint' on your systems. It is purely monitoring for potential vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure from a distance.

Will this assessment improve my IT security?

That all depends on how you choose to act. If there are weak spots that we detect, should you choose to strengthen them, then yes, your IT security will improve.

How long does it take?

Beyond the 20 minute introduction call, no time at all. We handle all the work in the background.

What if I know very little about IT?

You don't need to; that's what we're here for. We won't ask you any technical questions whatsoever, our job is just to explain the service to you and show you how it can help you to improve your IT security.

Why are you giving this away free?

We've worked with businesses for over 16 years, and in the past 3 years, most of them have faced the significant threats posed by cyber crime. Our aim is simple: To help other businesses improve their security and reduce their risk. We hope that along the way you choose to work with us to help you get there.